Operating Lease

An operating lease allows the customer to make use of equipment without the burden of owning it. The lease is structured over less than the useful life of the equipment. The title of the equipment does not transfer to the customer at the end of the finance term. If the customer may be offered the option to payout based on a fair market value.

Operating Lease Perth WAOperating Leases are often used to lease technology such as computers, printers, copiers etc. These leases are often used to refresh equipment and ensure staff have up to date equipment increasing productivity. Benefits Include:

  • Return or upgrade of equipment at the end of the finance term without the costs of having to dispose of the old equipment
  • 100% tax deductible repayments –reduced total cost of ownership
  • Avoid capital expenditure (equipment can be leased as an operating expense)
  • Flexible finance terms
  • Operating Leases are fully compliant to ATO guidelines giving you peace of mind and added security
  • Bundling of equipment is possible

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