Short Term/Asset Lending

Short Term Loans Online Perth

Access Finance & Capital have access to a number of private lenders and Mortgage funds who provide funding against real estate assets, plant and equipment and luxury goods. The funds can be used for funding short term requirements (generally from 3 months to 12 months). This finance option means:

  • You may have the collateral you need for a short term loan without realising it
  • You can explore non-traditional lending solutions which may mean faster turnaround times
  • You don’t need to sell vital or precious assets/equipment and lose them for good

Our lenders offer tailor made short term loan solutions at competitive rates, A defined exit strategy is required.

Short term loans & Bridging Loans are also available for land banking, emergency business loans and top up construction finance. We can also assist potential mortgagee in possession or a loan facility in default to exit the current lender.

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